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Do your On-Line shopping here for Dog Food, Cat Food and treats. We have the best selection of pet formulas and toys for your Canine and Feline friends.


We Offer Professional Pet Grooming Services, Boarding, Daycare, Dog-Walking and Cat-Sitting and more. Our Motto Is "Happier Dogs = Happier Owners!"

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We Offer Veterinary Care Assistance On Site For Your Pets. Loving Support Is Available To Cats and Dogs In Need Of Medical Attention. Bring Them In - We Can Help.

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Looking for exotic pets? We fulfill requests for specific cat or dog breed, color, and age. Custom order searches are available for the most discerning of pet lovers.


to the best Grooming in Brooklyn

Dog grooming Brooklyn, and pet spa Brooklyn are two great ways to treat your pet, yourself, as well as exercise your options on those days you'd prefer a little help with your pet. Dog grooming Brooklyn can attend to all the details you'd expect from a complete pet spa Brooklyn facility.

Dog grooming is serious business these days. Pets need to be kept clean, healthy and happy. But finding the time do do this oneself may not be so easy. That's were pet spa Brooklyn comes in. Left to the professionals, dog grooming Brooklyn is a comfortable way to pamper your pet, treat yourself to a bit of rest and relaxation without missing any important details about your pets well-being.

Dog grooming Brooklyn can inspect your pets coat, paws, body cavity areas and let you know if anything extra needs to be done to maximize your pets health, comfort level and hygiene. They'll keep an eye on their habits, how they manage and whether or not they seem preoccupied with grooming themselves. A clean animal is also a boon to any household it resides in.

As most owners are already aware, pets attract nasty little pests from time to time, that just love to take up residence in their beautiful coats, and between paws. And, of course, doing so, usually leads to a very good chance that an infestation may occur and spread to other residents, human or pet, as well as the residence, itself. Pet spa Brooklyn will pamper your pet while being mindful of its hygiene - first and foremost. Should they find anything that warrants concern, you can rest assured, that you will be informed.

Dog grooming Brooklyn is an ideal way to show your love, care and forethought for the sake of your pet. Give them a chance to experience detailed care from professional dog grooming Brooklyn experts that make it their business to keep your pet healthy. And, let you know, should they have any concerns, after they've spent time with your pets, getting to know them and paying particular attention to their needs. Dog grooming Brooklyn, is serious business.

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